Privacy policy

The company Fast Provider Ltd. (hereinafter «the Platform Operator» or «We», «Us»), as the owner and the operator of the Mobile Application of the Platform (hereinafter «the Operator of the Mobile Application of the Platform”), has elaborated the Privacy Policy ensuring protection of the Users’ personal data (hereinafter «the User», «You», «Your»). This document describes the way we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store Your information.

1. Consent to the terms and conditions hereof

Using the Internet services of the Platform You agree with the terms and conditions hereof. If You continue using the Internet services of the Platform, You express Your consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and all amendments hereto.

2. What personal information we collect

2.1. Personal information shall be understood to mean the data that can be used for identification of a certain person, or relation to him.

2.2. Creating Your Account at the Internet service of the Platform we collect information from the social networks Accounts, You identified as “Public Information”, i.e. the information accessible for viewing by an unlimited range of persons, even if such information is not authentic. We do not collect other information or information with restricted access.

2.3. The information that we can collect from the social networks Accounts:

2.3.1. id (hereinafter «the User Identification Number» in the social network: (VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, etc.))

2.3.2. the User’s first name and last name (if specified)

2.3.3. photo from the User profile (if available)

2.3.4. the User’s sex (if specified)

2.3.5. the User’s year of birth (if specified)

2.3.6. the User’s date and month of birth (if specified)

3. How we use your personal information

We use the User’s personal information within the scope of identification number assignment to the User creating the User Account on the Mobile Platform. The User Identification Number allows to identify You at the Internet services of the Platform, and we use it for technical and statistical purposes to have the opportunity to ensure optimal operation of the Internet services of the Platform.

4. Disclosure of Your information

4.1. We can be required by law, court proceedings, legal proceedings, and/or based on public inquiries or requests from the state authorities at the territory or outside the territory of Your country of residence to disclose Your personal information.

4.2. We can also disclose the information about You, if we determine that such disclosure is necessary or expedient for the purposes of national safety, law enforcement, or in other socially significant cases.

4.3. We can also disclose the information about You, if we determine that such disclosure is necessary to enforce our terms and conditions, or for the purpose of our business or users protection. In addition, in case of reorganization, merging or selling we can transfer any or all personal information we have collected to the corresponding third party.

4.4. We don’t sell and in any other way provide personal information about our Users to the third parties. It dos not cover third party agents that provide Platform services management, business management and other services to us. We and other members comprising our corporate group, and our partners can process the information about You. These persons shall strictly follow and accept the terms and conditions hereof. That said, the information about You can be processed both within and outside the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and EEC.

4.5. Besides the information disclosure as per pp.4.1-4.3. hereof, we can also disclose the information about You to our employees, to the employees of other companies comprising our corporate group. All recipients of information about you shall observe the effective data protection legislation and guarantee confidentiality of your information in the same degree as we are bound by such obligations.

5. Collection of information other than personal

5.1. We also collect information that is not personal – the data that cannot be associated with any particular person. We can collect, use, transfer and disclose information other than personal for any purposes. For instance, we can collect such information as occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique identifier of the device, location and time zone, in which the Internet services of the Platform are used in order to better understand the customers behavior and improve our products, services and advertisement. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, aggregate data are treated as information other than personal.

5.2. In case we combine the information other than personal and the personal information, such integrated information shall be treated as personal information till such information is combined.

6. Information requested at taking funds out

The funds you earned can be taken out using any of the methods listed in the Mobile applications of the Platform. For you to take out the funds you have earned we request to enter and confirm email address or Vkontakte ID in Your Account.

7. Security and access to Your information

7.1. We aim at saving the most authentic information about You that is available to us. You can anytime contact us to acquaint with, change, receive a copy of information about You or in order to introduce necessary changes, having sent a message to our Support service by email: Under certain circumstances we can charge an insignificant fee to cover administration expenses, related to any request You make in this respect.

7.2. Users can view and change their email address or Vkontakte ID on their own.

8. Removal of Account in the Mobile Application of the Platform

8.1. Users can change or remove the information about them in their User Accounts on the Platform, having sent a message to the Support service by email:

9. Protection of personal information

9.1. The Platform Operator shall make a considerable effort, including all administrative, technical and physical precautions, to protect your personal information against loss, stealing and dishonest use, and against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and removal.

9.2. Personal information that we place in social networks, on forums, in chats can be viewed by other users and can be read, collected or used by such. You shall be responsible for the personal information you prefer to deliver in such cases.

10. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

10.1. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments hereto shall be effective immediately on their posting on the web site and shall be available on the web site home page.

11. Applicable law

Processing of Your personal data We strictly follow the provision of the English common law, in particular the Data Protection Act of 1998.

12. About us

  2. Registration number: 1760209
  3. Address: Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, PO Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  4. Privacy Policy. Last updated: August 9, 2013.